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From Munish Narula:

Missed our connection to Delhi from London as the flight from philly was two hours late, reached delhi at 6AM Friday morning and we were in the market at 11:30 AM.  Saw some very interesting stuff, including the Lord Ganesha statue on the right.  Lots of cappucinos and masala chais kept us going we were the last ones to leave the market.

Opening Summer of 2011

777 South Broad Street
Philadelphia PA


TASHAN is a Hindi word for "style" or "attitude!" The name was selected from hundreds of entries in a Philadelphia Magazine Restaurant Club online reader contest.

The early 21st century will be remembered as the age when the old, new and developing worlds and their diverse cultures mashed-up into a wave of creativity, excitement and energy. TASHAN reflects this global cultural wellspring in a dining and lounge destination that is certain to be the first of its kind in Philadelphia.

TASHAN is located at 777 South Broad Street, a vibrant section of Center City. The opening date has not been set but is projected for Spring 2011.

TASHAN presents an inspiring small plate menu based on Indian flavors, spices and cooking techniques with wide ranging influences from classic Continental to Caribbean, Mediterranean, Spanish, African and Asian culinary traditions.

Taking the lead in the TASHAN performance kitchen is Chef Sylva Senat, a veteran of New York’s celebrated Jean Georges and Buddakan. Sylva’s major dining salon credibility, New York Haitian ethnicity and adventuresome cooking style will move the rich but humble Indian food genre to new heights of gourmet quality.

TASHAN is the brainchild of Munish Narula, a Johnson & Wales graduate and Wharton MBA, who traded his Wall Street investment banker status and earning power to create the enormously successful TIFFIN Restaurant chain.

In November 2010 a comprehensive North American search and selection competition reviewing some 170 different concepts from throughout the US and Canada has selected TIFFIN as "America's Next Top Restaurant Franchise!" The competition was conducted under the aegis of the Sysco Corporation and supervised by a team of nationally recognized experts in the restaurant franchise development field.

And while tasteful simplicity has been a hallmark of the six TIFFIN restaurant environments, Munish Narula wanted to be sure that the look and feel of TASHAN would be as sophisticated and nuanced as the food and entertainment.

To set a new standard in high-tone Indian restaurants, top NYC architect and interiors diva Winka Dubbeldam has been an integral part of the TASHAN development team.
In addition to using a broad range of contemporary finishes, lighting, treatments and furnishings, on buying trip to India Munish and Winka are adding to the essential palette of visual stimuli and textures of the South
Asian Subcontinent.


Winka Dubbeldam




From Munish Narula:

Day two - Spent most of the day looking at the fabrics and artifacts.

Had a grilled chicken sandwich from Subway for lunch and ended up at the famous Fashion Lounge of Delhi for some drinks and snacks to end the day.

(Didn't know Subway was a hot spot in Delhi did you?)


What's Munish Narula Working on Next?
By: Collin Keefe

What's Munish Narula Working on Next?

We already know that Munish Narula, the mastermind behind the local Tiffin mini-chain, is hard at work in India, picking up knick-knacks and soaking up inspiration for his forthcoming small plates restaurant Tashan, which is supposed to open this spring at 777 South Broad St. You can track his scouting trip on his blog. We also know that he’s eager to branch out nationally with his Tiffin concept and working with the Tony Luke supplier Rastelli Bros. to do it. But what else does Narula have in the works? Based on cryptic and terse email he sent from India, stating only “Tiffin will soon be taking its act on the road!” we’re left wondering if he's talking about a food truck. Or perhaps it's just his plans for expanding Tiffin into other markets that he's alluding to. Maybe it's something else entirely. All we know for sure is, we'll have to wait until he gets back from his trip to get to the bottom of it.

Day 3 – started at 4AM with a day road trip to Jaipur, the roads and highways are much better than I remember, then again my last trip to India was 5+ years ago. The trip was awesome stopped at many roadside shops and absorbed the different local flavors; had an awesome cup of chai at one of the many roadside tea stalls. Winka was especially fascinated throughout the trip by the colors and variety of clothes, especially for women. Went to two different furniture manufacturers for tables and chairs, both Winka and I are in love with the local sheesham (Rosewood) used for furniture. Not sure if we will be able to get these as sheesham needs a weeks of seasoning and we might not be able to get it to the US in time for the restaurant opening. Also, found an incredible 10 feet high wood carved Lord Ganesh, will probably go near the entrance. Lord Ganesh is the god of wealth and prosperity and we hope he will bring plenty of both to Tashan and Tiffin.

Day 4 started with a trip to panipat to visit carpet and rug factories. Everyone is dragging a little, however nothing some masala chai and cappuccino won't fix. Four hours later we had success at one of the designer carpet places and we have three new carpets for Tashan. I think they look great and will go really well with the design story of Tashan. Had to head back to Delhi as tonight we are invited to the launch party of A new brand of Indian wines; Kimaya.  We hope that we will be able to serve it at Tashan.  Who's who of Delhi was at the trip and so was the press, so how could Winka go unnoticed.  Following is the image of Society section of Times of India, would have been better if they had spelled her name right (Winka not Venka).



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Created on: 2/28/2011 9:16:59 PM
Wow . looks like great fun !! What an inspiring trip!! Congrats
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Created on: 3/1/2011 6:53:19 PM
fabulous - this is exciting for Philly, and what a great adventure you all are on. Best wishes to you all.
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Created on: 3/2/2011 5:42:52 PM
Love Tiffin so much...can't wait for Tashan! This trip looks like fun!  Shopping with Winka sounds like a TV Show!
Maybe Tiffin-Tashan could start charter trips to India?
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Created on: 3/7/2011 6:07:42 PM
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Created on: 5/30/2011 7:22:31 AM
Wow! India is such a beautiful place. It is so rich in culture and style. I wish I could have gone there with you. Well at least I'll get to sample some of its flavor when TASHAN  opens. I can"t wait! Good food, good people and a welcoming atmosphere have the makings for a great time.
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Created on: 6/10/2011 4:02:04 PM
we have heard the project is futher delayed, word is out partners are having a tough time comming up with finance.
Created on: 3/13/2013 8:52:02 PM
This place is terrible, they don't respect customers. They don't understand that when a customer complains the customer is right. Don't bother trying to send food back here. They don't care. Take your money to the new indian place in Chestnut Hill instead. This place is a kitchen nightmare.
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Created on: 7/18/2013 10:28:12 PM