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April J from Hyattsville, Maryland ★★★★★

Date: June 20, 2018

Excellent Restaurant Vibe

"My family and I was traveling to Philadelphia for a business trip, and we stopped by Tiffin restaurant because we love India foods. The manager was very friendly and willing to work with us, deaf family order the dinner meals. The restaurant environment vibe was excellent. Food was delicious! We told the manger that we definitely will come back and visit again!"

Heather W from Cherry Hill, New Jersey★★★★★

Date: February 19, 2015

Tikka Masala

"Have yet to dine in, LOVE the takeout As I live very near this location, I prefer to eat in the privacy of my own home to avoid the embarrassment having people watch me inhale copious amounts of this delicious food. I like that you can chose your own spice level so I can find something for my kids as well."

Richard B from Washington DC, District of Columbia★★★★★

Date: January 24, 2015

Great Indian Delivery

"I ordered delivery from the South Philadelphia location which was close the Double Tree Hotel, close enough that the naan and roti I ordered were still crunchy. First time any place delivered it that fresh without wilting. I had lamb vindaloo, aloo papri chaat, and a mango lassi. The mango lassi was still quite cold too. I heard about this place, but I thought it was too far from center city to order. The concierge at my hotel had some menus. Lucky me. The food was great too. In the spring I'll be back and then I can walk there. It's only about a mile from my hotel and the person who took my order told me they have a bar too. This is a "beer town" too but you can't order beer for delivery. I asked :D"

Palette5_12 from Washington DC USA★★★★★★

Date: June 4, 2012

Wonderful and inexpensive Indian meal

"We discovered this Indian restaurant from materials in our hotel room and decided to try it. I agree with other reviews that the Girard Street location is in a "being renovated" area but we also were able to park directly in front of the restaurant. There were several dinner groups already inside, so we felt quite comfortable staying which was a great decision. Our waitress was friendly and helpful, and the food was really good. The portions are quite large, so you might want to share some items. We enjoyed it so much that we returned on a Sunday afternoon as we were leaving Philadelphia"

IndyDogz from Philadelphia PA★★★★★★

Date: October 31, 2011

Tiffin - on Emlen Street, Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia

"Tiffin in Mt. Airy does take out and has a small seating area, around 10 tables. The food here is always very good, try their special of the month because its always good. The naan stuffed with dried fruit and nuts is fantastic. Street parking only, and in Mt. Airy can be a challenge. I've heard good things about the Elkins Park location they now have as well."

Anne S Philadelphia PA★★★★★

Great Indian food in Mt. Airy

Tiffin consistently serves delicious Indian food. It is a great choice for quality food and excellent service. They are accommodating about how spicy or hot you like your dishes and sensitive to customer requests. They are also part of UBEREats which is another way to enjoy their food.

twomartinilunch Brandon, Vermont★★★★★

Here for dinner with my wife and youngest son who lives in Philadelphia. We enjoy Indian food, the son lived there for two years, post college and we have visited there twice. So we do understand a thing our two about the cuisine. I thoroughly enjoyed everything we ordered, from appetizer to dessert. The service was a tad on the slow side, but that was perfectly fine, as we were there to talk so the interruptions were few and far between. The Cauliflower Bezule and Eggplant Chaat appetizers were great, although my son said that he did not think they were anything spectacular. Our chicken, shrimp and lamb entrees were all wonderful and the Peshawari Naan was quite different, a tad sweet, and you cannot go wrong with Garlic Naan. The Indian version of Tiramisu was a treat, visually and taste

Tom C New York City★★★★★

Best Indian Food In South Philadelphia

I was in Philadelphia Superbowl Sunday and the thought of sitting in my hotel room to watch the game made me get in a cab just to go somewhere. I had brunch at a place called Tashan and they suggested I go here to watch the game and I am glad I did. I had a fresh margarita when I got there. They actually squeeze their own lemons and limes. I was there for hours and got hungry again, I thought I would order something small and I ordered chili chicken. It was amazing. I ordered a second one for, I guess, you'd call it dinner. I wound up ordering a third by the fourth quarter. What an ending of the the game. This place really made my day and I wasn't too hungover Monday morning. I might go back to this place before I leave Friday night..

lynnc185 Spalding, United Kingdom★★★★★★

Tiffin Indian Restaurant South Philadelphia

We had a vacation apartment not too far from this restaurant, we could not have chosen better! They were fairly busy in early evening, but brought drinks quickly and Naan bread to stave off the hunger pangs! This was one excellent meal, beautifully cooked and presented with generous portions. The mango lassy was to die for. Prices were good, and our 2 granddaughters of 5 & 7 also enjoyed themselves. Seating was limited, so you may have to book or wait for a table. This restaurant also does take out.

Nicholas Coffman ★★★★★★

Wow, Tiffin is really delicious. We have put off going here for 3 years since our move to the area and having had their food at this point I understand why locals love this place. The portions are generous, generally people get take-out or delivery here, but they do offer inside seating, and Tiffin has the tastiest Indian food I have ever had. We ordered onion bhaji, vegetable samosa, cauliflower bezule, lamb roganjosh, and the most interesting naan I have ever had called peshawari. Highly recommend all of these items, especially the lamb with the peshawari naan. We will be back as often as possible..

Timothy Sakhuja★★★★★★

Founded by a Wharton MBA graduate, Tiffin is primarily a delivery service. After all, a tiffin is a lunchbox in India, into which wives (or servants) diligently package freshly-prepared food to be delivered midday to their working spouses (or clients). Appropriately, Tiffin is just that–freshly prepared, delivered, home-cooked Punjabi-style cooking. Tiffin's major selling point is its sincere authenticity. It's not over spiced, or swimming in cream and oil like in much of the buffets' standard fare. Rather, each bite is delicately spiced and exudes lightness. One lunch or dinner tiffin will run you $7.50 to $8.50 and includes two vegetable dishes, a generous smattering of dal (lentils), a heap of rice, and a serving of accompanying chutney. Compared to the 12 or 13 dollars you'd have to shell out at one of those buffets, Tiffin is an amazing deal. Tiffin's cuisine suits all, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, and we were amazed by their expansive but concentrated menu.

Our tiffin featured Gobi Manchurian, a delicious marriage of sautéed cauliflower and a zingy tomato sauce; aloo mutter (a simmered curry of potatoes and peas); and dal tadka, delicately cooked yellow lentils with a hint of cumin. Needless to say, each dish left us extremely impressed.

For the more adventurous, be sure to try their Indian pizza, which has become a very common dish in India. It consists of a bang-on combo of a western crust layered with paneer, curry sauce and various spiced toppings, combining the best of cream and spice into a familiar form factor. In this case, better ingredients really does mean better pizza–a veritable Papa Jain's, if you will.

Bottom line, Tiffin offers some of the best Indian food you can get in Philly, in our opinion. And it's convenient to boot! They also boast a collection of physical restaurants, which we're itching to try. And who says Wharton graduates don't go on to do great things?

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Tiffin South Philly delivery includes but is not limited to; Queen Village, Italian Market, Hawthorne Rittenhouse Fitler Square Southwest Center City

Indian Food South Philadelphia Tiffin Catering & Events

Tiffin South Philly delivery includes but is not limited to; Queen Village, Italian Market, Hawthorne Rittenhouse Fitler Square Southwest Center City

Tiffin South Philly delivery includes but is not limited to; Queen Village, Italian Market, Hawthorne Rittenhouse Fitler Square Southwest Center City